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Split Katedrala

10 day trips from Split

Split is situated in the center of the southern Croatian region of Dalmatia and it’s the second-largest city in Croatia

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Top 5 all-year round Croatian destinations

It’s no secret that Croatia is a popular summer destination as it has a spectacular coastline, more than 1200 islands,

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Dugi otok aerial slano lake

Short quiz to help you decide where to go for a holiday in Croatia

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Top 5 souvenirs from Croatia

Croatian lace Lacemaking in Croatia was added to the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in

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Visit Đurđevečki Pijesci – the only Croatian desert

Croatia has a desert! Well, let’s say that riding a camel in a desert isn’t the first thing that comes

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20 things to do in Croatia

Watch a spectacular event in Pula, Spectacvla Anticva, that recreates historical Roman gladiator simulated fights in almost 2000 years old Roman amphitheater,

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Scuba Diving in Croatia

The crystal clear waters of the pollution-free Adriatic Sea and a variety of fish and wildlife have put scuba diving

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Top 10 Things to Do in Istria

Istria is one of the best-kept secrets in the modern world, with incredible cultural and historical heritage, delicious food and

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Best Water Activities in Croatia

Croatia is a true paradise for all the thrill seekers and adventure lovers, offering many water activities for all ages

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Top 10 Croatia points of interest and landmarks

For all those who haven’t already visited this amazing country, we wrote a top 10 Croatia points of interest and

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