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Best Water Activities in Croatia

Best Water Activities in Croatia

Croatia is a true paradise for all the thrill seekers and adventure lovers, offering many water activities for all ages and abilities. As Croatia has a huge coastline and more than 1200 islands, there are numerous amazing places you can choose for your next trip if in search of sun, sea and water fun.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

In Croatia, there are numerous windy destinations, where windsurfers and kitesurfers can find perfect conditions for practicing their favorite sport. In each of these places, you can find internationally certified windsurfing and kitesurfing schools where you can also rent or storage your equipment. Strong thermic wind called “Maestral” (Mistral) blows on a regular basis during nice weather and it gives experienced windsurfers and kitesurfers the adrenaline they need. The most popular kitesurfing and windsurfing destinations in Croatia are Bol on the island of Brač, a true paradise for water activities, Viganj on the Peljesac peninsula, Premantura – small peninsula south in Istria, Jadrija near Šibenik, Baška on Krk island and river Neretva mouth near the town of Blace.

Windsurfing in Bol Croatia

Snorkeling and Scuba diving

Snorkeling is for many the best way to have water sports fun while on holiday. It is absolutely fun, affordable and easy way to discover the wonders of the abundant underwater life and sites. There is no need of any diving certifications, experience or loads of equipment, the only thing you need is a mask, snorkel, fins and you are ready to explore the underwater world of splendid beauty. If you plan on snorkeling on your own it is a good idea to bring a buoyancy compensator vest for safety reasons.


Scuba diving is another fantastic way to explore the underwater life, sites, and wrecks. Along the coast, there are numerous protected archaeological sites dating back to ancient times and many amazing places where to explore the magnificent underwater life of the Adriatic sea. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert diver or just starting to learn the ropes, you will enjoy diving to its fullest. Croatia is also a great place to get certified, with numerous dive centres available along the coast. Some of the popular scuba diving sites in Croatia are:
The wreck of Baron Gautsch, Austro-Hungarian passenger ship that sank in 1914. The ship, 84.5 meters long and 11.64 meters wide lies near Rovinj, on a sandy and stony bottom 40 meters deepovergrown with algae and sponges.
Tugboat Ursus (island of Vis)
Lina cargoship (island of Cres)
Boeing B-17 (island of Vis)
Totonno cargo steamer (Dubrovnik)
Peltastis (island of Krk)

Scuba diving
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Rafting and Sea Kayaking

Rafting and kayaking are adrenaline rushes combined with nature at its best! Sea and river kayaking are very popular in Croatia, both on the inland rivers and on the Adriatic Sea. During the white water rafting trip, you will experience moments of pure excitement, moments of total serenity and a deep connection with wild nature. It will be an amazing experience that will leave you with great lifelong memories. There are several rivers in Croatia where you can take rafting tours and one of the most popular is Cetina river –  On Cetina white water rafting trip you will experience moments of pure excitement, moments of total serenity and a deep connection with wild nature. For its unspoiled nature and impressive canyon, parts of Cetina river were chosen as some of the filming locations of the famous Winnetou movie series (1962-1968). On Cetina river, you can also enjoy in zip lining, kayaking, and canyoning. Other rivers where you can take rafting tours in Croatia are on the river Mrežnica, Una, and Zrmanja.

Best Water Activities in Croatia

Sport Fishing

Sport fishing, both freshwater angling, and deep sea fishing became very popular in Croatia during the last few years among tourists. Of course, for fishing, you must have a license which you can get at the tourist office. Spear fishing, game fishing, and recreational fishing are all practiced with passion by locals and tourists. There are numerous agencies that organize big game fishing trips in some of the most popular destinations like near Kornati Islands, Island of Vis or Brač. In the Adriatic, you can catch many different fishes like tuna, bluefin tuna, blue sharks, swordfish, amberjacks etc. Many lakes and rivers in Croatia make a perfect place for freshwater fishing, like the Danube and Drava river, or Lička Jesenica which is a charming little lake near the Plitvice Lakes National Park where fishing is allowed.

sport fishing

Stand Up Paddling

All watersport enthusiast will love stand up paddling in Croatia. It is a fun and different way of exploring the amazing Croatian coast, admiring it from a different angle. The only thing you need a specially designed, large size board that will allow you to stand firmly and a long paddle, which you can rent in many windsurfing schools along the coast. Paddleboarders can also enjoy and explore Croatian rivers running through the pristine nature over the fresh, pure water. Some of the most popular rivers are Mrežnica, Cetina, and Neretva, where you can admire the impressive landscape and beautiful canyons.

stand up paddling






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