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Visit Đurđevečki Pijesci – the only Croatian desert

Croatia has a desert! Well, let’s say that riding a camel in a desert isn’t the first thing that comes to someone’s mind when it comes to Croatia, a country famous for its spectacular beaches, more than thousand islands, lovely inland and rich history. We also have to warn you not to expect anything like Sahara, Kalahari or Mojave desert, it’s very small, but a pretty nice place to visit.

Đurđevečki Pijesci, the remains of the only Croatian desert located in the region known as the “Bloody sand” or “Croatian Sahara” near the city of Đurđevac. You can admire the visible form of sand dunes and the remains of what was once much larger desert. In 1963, the 20-hectare area was declared a special geographical and botanical reserve. It is a distinguishing habitat for a large number of endemic species, for example, it is home to over 300 species of butterflies.

Visit Đurđevečki Pijesci - the only Croatian desert
Photo credit: Željko Car

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