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5 amazing beaches in Croatia

5 amazing beaches in Croatia

If you are in search for a perfect place to spend your summer vacation, sunbath, relax, have fun and enjoy the pristine nature, well look no further and welcome to Croatia. As some of you may already know, Croatia has more than 1200 islands and islets, but not only, its Adriatic Sea mainland coast is 1,777 kilometers long and it hides numerous amazing beaches, coves, and caves. So for someone who has never visited Croatia before, finding a beach holiday destination can be quite a challenge. But the best thing is that you will find it for sure! We made a list of 5 amazing beaches in Croatia, so just scroll down and enjoy. 🙂

Zlatni Rat Beach (Island Brac)

Bol Zlatni rat Golden horn

The Golden Horn is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. It can be often found on the list of the best beaches in the world on various websites and magazines. It is situated on the southern coast of the Island of Brac just 2 km from a beautiful town of Bol. Its elegance and allure have made it the symbol of both the island and coastal Croatia. It has a unique shape, like a tongue that stretches into the sea. This breathtaking golden pebble beach is 500 meters long and it is known as the “Zlatni Rat” beach. The water is clear blue. Usually, it is windy on one side and on the other side the water is calm because there is no wind, so you can choose what you prefer. The curiosity about this beach is that it changes its shape and position, depending on the wind, tide and the current.  There is also a small part of the beach reserved for nudists.  It is protected by the government of Croatia as a geomorphological monument.
It has a perfect position for various sports activities like windsurfing and kitesurfing. Many international races and the world cup are organized here during the summer. Strong wind called ‘Maestral” definitely gives windsurfers the adrenaline they need.

Banje Beach (Dubrovnik)

Banje Dubrovnik
Photo credit:  Aris Gionis

At 300 meters from the Old town, Banje beach is the closest place to take a swim and still be in the very center of Dubrovnik. Fabulous views of the City walls give you a different experience from most beaches that usually face the open sea or islands. Half of the beach is reserved for sunbeds and the other half is free for all visitors. Clearwater is the norm in Croatia so Banje beach is no different. There is a possibility to rent a pedal boat and take a ride along the city walls or to the small island of Lokrum, that is located nearby, but you can also take a parachute ride for a much more fascinating experience that offers you an incredible view of the historic center of Dubrovnik. There are several restaurant and bars on the beach, that give you the option of drinking and eating without having to distance yourself from the beach. After the sunset, the beach changes character becoming one of the centers of nightlife in Dubrovnik

Stiniva Beach (Island Vis)

Stiniva beach Vis

Stiniva beach is located on the island of Vis in southern Croatia. It is a beautiful hidden beach on the southern part of the island. Surrounded by high cliffs, one part of this fantastic pebble beach is always in the shade, so you can also hide from the hot midday sun, parasol and beach chairs are not available for rent on the beach.  This beach is about 35 meters long with small pebbles and perfectly clear sea. This breathtaking bay can be reached by boat or on foot. The wild landscape and a clean turquoise sea will give you some unforgettable moments. If you have a chance to reach the beach by boat its sea entrance which is very narrow (about 5 meters) will really leave you breathless. If you plan on visiting the island of Vis, other than this beach there are lots of other bays and beaches you can visit, but we recommend you to go to the islet of Bisevo which is only a few miles away from the island of Vis and visit the Blue Cave (Modra Spilja) which will give you a whole new kind of experience.

Sakarun Beach (Dugi Otok)

Sakarun Dugi Otok
Photo credit:  Danielis Yachting

Sakarun beach is located on the northwest side of Dugi Otok, near the village of Bozava. It is best known for its white sand that is not very common in Croatia, where the beaches are usually completely pebbly.  The beach is located in a bay, facing south and it is around 800 meters long. This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, but also one of the best-kept secrets. The water is calm and shallow, so that makes it a perfect place for families with children. On the beach, there are two facilities that offer food and drink, but besides that the entire western coast of the island is not settled, giving you the experience of pristine coastline unspoiled by man.

Pasjaca Beach (Konavle)

Photo credit:  Juraj Patekar

Pasjaca beach is located near the town of Konavli in the southernmost part of Croatia. The beach Pasjaca is approachable only by long and very steep stairs carved into the rocks. The stairs bridge the altitude difference of more than 100 meters. As this beach has no facilities we would recommend you to bring over to the beach equipment and some food and beverages. We are sure you will enjoy your peaceful vacation in this untouched natural place. One of the best things about this beach is the fact it is rarely crowded because it is difficult for boat and yacht to anchor in the area and the beach is not easily accessible. Crystal clear sea, small white pebbles, and the rugged coastline make this isolated strip of land the perfect place to get away from the city stress and all the crowded places.

To be continued… 🙂

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