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16 Interesting facts about Croatia

16 Interesting facts about Croatia

  1.  Croatia is the land of thousand islands, precisely 1246 and only 66 are inhabited.
  2.  The necktie or cravat was invented in Croatia way back in the 17th century by the Croatian soldiers.
  3.  Croatia has the highest number of UNESCO Intangible Goods among European countries along with Spain.
  4.  Famous scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla was born in a small village Smiljan in Croatia.
  5.  Croat Salvoljub Penkala invented a chemical pen and a solid fountain pen back in 1906.
  6.  Dalmatian dog breed is named after a Croatian region of Dalmatia.
  7.  In Zagreb back in 2006 was opened an unusual museum named the Museum of Broken relationships dedicated to failed love relationships.
  8.  The biggest truffle ever was found in Croatia by Giancarlo Zigante back in 1999 near Buje, Croatia that weighed 1.31 kg.
  9.  First tested parachute was invented by a Croat Faust Vrancic back in 1616 and was tested from the tower of Venice.
  10.  The founder of Republic of San Marino situated in the northeast of Italy was the sculptor Marin from the village Lopar on the island of Rab.
  11.  The fingerprint identification system was introduced by a Croat Josip Vucetic.
  12.  The smallest town in the world is Hum, located in Istria with a population of only 17 people.
  13.  Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night was staged in Dalmatia.
  14.  The Dubrovnik Republic was the first to formally recognize the independence of the United States.
  15.  The first hydropower plant was “Iskrice” and it was made in Šibenik and put in 1895 on the river Krka.
  16.  If you should have your baby born on a Jadrolinija ferry, your child will have a free ferry transport for life.

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