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Kamenjak nature park

Nature park Kamenjak

“A nature reserve on the edge of the world that has 21 metre high cliffs, hidden caves and flat stone surfaces formed by nature, ideal for sunbathing. ” – National Geographic Traveller

Kamenjak park bay

Nature Park Kamenjak is located at the peak of Premantura peninsula in Istria, just around 20 km from the town of Pula. More than 30 km of rugged coastline with numerous bays, coves, and beaches makes this spectacular peninsula well worth visiting. There are also several small islands and islets near the mainland, all in swimming distance. Kamenjak is a Croatian hidden gem, a perfect place for nature lovers and those in search of natural hidden treasures.

Kamenjak cliffs

The park is a great cycling location, so it gives you the opportunity to satisfy your craving for adventure while exploring the park and its wonders. Other than cycling, there are numerous activities that you can do like hiking, trekking, kayaking, scuba diving and windsurfing, as Premantura is a famous destination for windsurfing lovers. Cliff jumping is also popular, especially at Kamenjak’s southern tip. Nature park Kamenjak also offers educational trails like the “Dinosaur path” with actual fossilized steps located at the end of the trail on the Cape Grakalovac. The length of this interesting educational trail is around 600 meters, along which you will find models of dinosaurs that lived in the area in actual sizes. Another interesting educational trail is the sensory-didactic path Gradina, that offers you a chance to discover the cultural and historical heritage of the peninsula, fully adopted fo visually impaired people. Nearby there is Gradina cave, where many artifacts from prehistoric times were found, like the iron cross axe, around 3000 years old.  The entrance to the area of protected landscape in Kamenjak is free for pedestrians and cyclists, but it will be charged for vehicles.

Kamenjak bay
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In the small settlement of Premantura, there are several interesting things to visit, like the church of Saint Lovro, the old tower “Turanj” and an interesting stone bread oven built as a separate facility.

Kamenjak nature park



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