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Krk sandy beach

Island of Krk

The island of Krk is located in Kvarner Bay in the northern part of Croatia. The island is connected to the mainland by the Krk Bridge and it is located around 40 kilometers from the Croatian third largest city of Rijeka. In the ancient times, Croatia’s biggest island Krk was known as the “golden island” thanks to its natural characteristics. Nowadays, many people visit it for various reasons: either to enjoy its natural beauties, explore its rich cultural heritage or simply to relax during the holidays enjoying the island’s beaches, bars, clubs and similar.

Krk bridge
For many years the island was associated with the number 7, as it was inhabited by the Croats in the 7th century, it survived successfully seven pirate attacks, the 7th Frankopan prince was the last prince of Krk and there are 7 administrative units on the island today. Several works of literature in the Glagolitic alphabet were created and in part preserved on Krk, like Baška tablet, one of the oldest preserved texts in Croatian, dating back to the early 12th century and found in the Church of St. Lucy the nearby Jurandvor, the remains of a Roman settlement.

Krk roman ruins

What to visit

The island of Krk is proud of its rich historical and cultural heritage that can be seen and admired at every step. The “main” place of the island is the town of Krk, known for its two thousand years old walls that are also the third largest walls in the country. Visit Frankopan castle built in the 13th century and somewhat younger City Hall that dates back to 16th century. The town is dominated by the magnificent Krk Cathedral.

Krk town
On the north-east part of the island, close to Silo, is located Biserujka Cave that has been adjusted to tourists to give them the opportunity to go in and admire some marvelous decorations made by nature – stalagmites, stalactites and calcareous sinters. Another interesting monastery and a church are situated in Glavotok, a small settlement on the western tip of the island. Don’t miss out on visiting the town of Omisalj and Vrbnik as well, as the latter is famous for the production of the excellent local wine Žlahtina. Baška village is another spectacular small settlement, where you can admire old stone houses, narrow streets, and its rich historical heritage. When in Baška don’t miss to visit the early Christian archaeological site from the 5th century,  local museum in Baška houses an ethnographic collection and Baška aquarium.

Krk Vrbnik

Malinska is also very popular tourist destination on the island, as it is home to many incredible beaches and great places where to enjoy the tastes of the region. A beautiful panoramic view of Krk Bridge can be enjoyed from the harbor Voz.

Nearby the island of Krk, there’s a little charming and unique islet named Košljun that not many people know about. It is around 300 meters in diameter and its main inhabitants are Franciscan monks that live in a 600 years old monastery and take care of the islet.

Krk town aerial


The island of Krk has numerous stunning beaches and many of them have a Blue Flag. This is one of the few Croatian islands that offers sandy and pebble beaches, so there is something for everybody’s taste. Beaches near the town of Krk and small villages are usually crowded during the summer, but there are numerous hidden bays and charming coves, where one can enjoy peace and tranquility while sunbathing and swimming in the crystal clear sea.

Krk Baska beach

There is a sandy beach in the Soline bay known for its healing mud baths, with shallow water, so it is also perfect for children and nonswimmers. Other than beautiful “Blue Flag beaches” mostly located in town of Krk, Baška and Malinska, we also recommend you to visit Vela Luka beach, Golden Bay beach and Oprna beach.

Island of Krk


The cuisine of the island consists of typical Mediterranean food, rich in fresh fruit, vegetables, and fish, with a sprinkle of local olive oil. Other than tasting traditional regional dishes like seafood specialties – octopus under the lid, black squid risotto or grilled fish with seasoned vegetables, we absolutely recommend you to taste presnac, specialty made from sheep’s milk cheese, homemade pasta (šurlice and makaroni) and lamb dishes. Some of many gastronomical events organized during the year on the island are “Žlahtina festival” in Vrbnik in July, “Fig days” in August, “Šurlice days” in July, “Krk Wine days” in August and “Lamb and cheese days” in May.

Krk Vrbnik wine

Krk town aerial view

Krk island beach

Krk island town

Krk hidden beach

Krk bays aerial



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