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Split and Dubrovnik among the best beach cities in Europe

Split and Dubrovnik among the best beach cities in Europe

One of the world’s leading travel web magazines Travel+Leisure placed Split and Dubrovnik on the list of “16 of the best beach cities in Europe”. The list is based on their annual World’s Best Awards survey, where they ask their readers to rate places based on their travel experiences and share their opinion regarding hotels, islands, day trips, cruise lines, spas and other. In this particular survey, readers rated cities on their sights and landmarks, culture, food, friendliness, shopping, and overall value. Split and Dubrovnik are on the list with other spectacular European cities like Nice (France), Porto (Portugal), Dublin (Ireland), Venice (Italy), Barcelona (Spain) etc. So if you are still not sure about where to book your next vacation, check out these two fantastic cities that are waiting for you to be discovered. Both Split and Dubrovnik are rich in history, have incredible architecture, delicious and healthy Mediterranean food and as you can already guess – stunning beaches with soul-warming sun and crystal-clear waters.

Split and Dubrovnik among the best beach cities in Europe
Photo credit:  Aris Gionis

“Some travelers want to have it all — rich cultural experiences, fine dining, upscale shopping — and lazy hours spent sunning, swimming, or strolling along the beach. Many of Europe’s finest cities aren’t just popular for their art museums or raging nightlife scenes: They’re also home to some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth.” – Travel+Leisure

The city of Split is ranked in 15th place on the list, while Dubrovnik is ranked in 11th place.

15. Split – The medieval port city’s mild weather is ideal for travelers interested in sailing, and travelers can easily find quiet, isolated beaches on the islands scattered around the Dalmatian Coast. – Travel+Leisure

11. Dubrovnik, Croatia – One of the best beaches in all of Croatia, Dubrovnik’s popular Banje Beach is close to the city’s Old Town and boasts plenty of beach clubs. – Travel+Leisure

Check out the whole list here.

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