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Mljet National Park

Mljet National Park

One od the most spectacular national parks in Croatia is situated on the island of Mljet in the south of Croatia. National park Mljet will offer you a scenery that will remain imprinted on your mind forever. It is a perfect place for those in search of a unique experience.

Mljet bay

The oldest marine protected area  in the Mediterranean

The National park occupies the surface of almost a third of the island, stretching over 5400 hectares and including a marine area of around 500 meters from the coast. It is home to a particularly rich flora nad fauna, but also to an important cultural heritage as there are numerous archeological finds that will delight all the history lovers. The National Park has one of the best-preserved forests (90% of the island is covered in forest) of its type in the Mediterranean and it also home to many endemic plants and wildlife species protected by the law.

Mljet np

On Dalmatian islands, many different types of snakes are registered, but on the island of Mljet, snakes dwindled due to the introduction of the small Asian mongoose in 1910. Northwestern part of the island Mljet was declared National Park on November 11th, 1960 and it is the oldest marine protected area in the Mediterranean.

Wonderful walk through amazing scenery

Mljet Saint MaryThere are two saltwater lakes, Veliko and Malo Jezero (Large and Small lake) that stretch for more than 4 km. Both lakes are encircled by shaded paths where you can stroll or cycle, enjoying the amazing scenery in the best possible way. There is a small island Sv. Marija (The Isle of Saint Mary) in the middle of the Large lake and it is home to a former 12th-century Benedictine monastery,  now turned restaurant. You can easily get to the small island by boats that sail from both sides of the Large lake. You can also explore the area around the two lakes with electrical trains, ideal for families with children. There are two villages from which the park can be entered – Polače and Pomena, although there is no official entrance, these are the ones where you can buy the tickets, get the brochures and maps. Pomena is just 10 minutes walk from Malo Jezero and 20 minutes walk from Mali most (Small bridge) where you can take a boat to Sv. Marija islet. Polače is about 45 minutes walk away from Malo jezero. No vehicles are allowed in the park, you can rent a car to drive along the part of the island that isn’t a part of the National park.

Mljet bays

Other than walking through the park and enjoying the amazing scenery, there are numerous small beaches and sea caves where you can swim and sunbath. Kayaking is also allowed, so sports lovers can explore and enjoy the island paddling around the lakes.


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Mljet Monastery

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