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Blue Cave (Modra Špilja), island of Biševo

Blue Cave (Modra Špilja), island of Biševo

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Blue cave or Blue Grotto (Modra Špilja) is situated in Balun bay on the small island of Bisevo, near the island of Vis.  It is one of 26 caves on this small island and one of the most famous caves in the Mediterranean.  This small but amazing cave was formed is formed in limestone by the action of water. It is 24 meters long, 14 meters high, and 12 meters deep, so you can clearly see the bottom and the fish. With its natural entrance, the cave was accessible only by diving. Still, back in 1884, Baron Eugen von Ransonet, who first described it, suggested making an artificial entrance above sea level. So it was made an entrance big enough for small boats to enter, that measures 1.5 meters high and 3 meters wide.

Spectacular shades of blue

The Blue cave is famous for its magical shades of blue. In the morning, the light reflects through the water from the white bottom of the cave, creating captivating aquamarine light with the grotto looking spectacular and silvery. The only cave that shares this amazing phenomenon with the Blue Cave on the Mediterranean is the Blue Grotto, the island of Capri’s (Italy) biggest tourist attraction. So if you are planning a vacation in Dalmatia, don’t miss the chance to visit this enchanting place and admire its beauty. As the island has 26 caves, cave lovers will for sure enjoy the visit. Other than the Blue Cave, we recommend a visit to the Monk Seal Cave and the Green cave (Zelena špilja), which is bigger and it shines a different light. 🙂

Monk Seal Cave Bisevo
Monk Seal Cave


The tours for visiting the cave are organized from the nearby islands of Hvar and Vis, but you can also take organized full-day boat trips to Hvar or Vis, including the tour to the Blue Cave from Split, Bol, Makarska, and from other famous nearby destinations. The ideal moment for visiting the cave is in the morning, from 09:00 to noon. Swimming is not allowed in the cave. The tour costs around 100 euros per person, depending on where it starts. The tickets for the cave cost 10-15 euros, depending on the season.

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