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The Island of Lošinj

The Island of Lošinj

The island of Losinj is situated in the Kvarner region and in the past, it used to form a unique island together with the island of Cres. With the arrival of Romans, however, the artificial channel was dug between the two, and the islands today are connected by a small bridge. The biggest towns on the island known for its mild, pleasant climate, rich vegetation, and clear sea are Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj. Its importance was recognized long ago, in 1892, when both towns won the status of the climatic health resort after a scientist named Ambroz Haracic in the 19th century studied the local climate and concluded that the island was the healthiest spot in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Losinj Mali Losinj

Although the island, through the years, has become a popular tourist destination, you can still find numerous hidden bays and beaches where to enjoy perfect tranquillity and pristine nature.The island offers great opportunities to enjoy relaxing holiday, indulging in some slower-paced lifestyle, but it also offers a great number of interesting things to see and visit and many activities for sports lovers and adrenaline junkies.

Losinj mali losinj marina

What to visit

The first larger settlement on the island was Veli Lošinj (Big Lošinj), known for its health resort that dates back to the 13th century, is actually smaller than Mali Lošinj (Small Lošinj). Wandering around the island, you will surely come across many beautiful old churches (Church of St Martin, Church of the Nativity of the Virgin, Church of St Nicholas), monasteries, basilicas from the ancient times and Renaissance buildings. At the Gallery Fritzi (Mali Lošinj) are stored two rich art collections donated by artists Vid, Mihicic and Piperate.

Losinj town

To dive in deeper into the island’s history, visit Kula (the Tower) which is a museum-gallery space in Veli Lošinj which collection testifies to the maritime tradition of its inhabitants. Other than the permanent exhibition that introduces you to the island’s history, there are many temporary art exhibitions that take place throughout the year. Other exceptional museums worth visiting are the Museum of Apoxymenos, dedicated to the famous sculpture of a Greek athlete found in the Losinj underwater in 1999, and the Town of Osor, an outdoor museum that is more of a town-museum with parks and gardens in which you can admire artworks from artists from all stylistic epochs. It is particularly well visited during the summer time due to the Osor Musical Evenings that take place there.

Losinj island


The island of Lošinj is famous for its fresh and tasty seafood and lamb, combined with aromas of the local aromatic herbs, spices, and olive oil. We absolutely recommend you to try buzara, black risotto, octopus salad, famous shrimps from Kvarner Bay and lamb under the lid. Also, don’t forget to try homemade sheep milk cheese, pršut (prosciutto), homemade pasta and fresh salads with wild herbs from the island. Enjoy local specialties in one of the numerous restaurants on the island or if you are not up for experimenting, there are many places offering non-traditional dishes.

Losinj lighthouse

Losinj bay

Losinj Big Losinj

Losinj mali losinj architecture

Losinj blue bay

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