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Makarska sea view


Makarska is a small town located in Central Dalmatia, about 60 km south of the city of Split. Makarska is

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Osijek cathedral


Osijek is the biggest city in the eastern Croatian region of Slavonia and the fourth biggest city in Croatia, located

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Roman ruins of Salona

Roman ruins of Salona are located near the town of Solin, few kilometers away from Split. It is a fascinating

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Omiš is a charming Central Dalmatian town located just 25 kilometers southeast of Split. It is famous for its rich

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Often called “Little Vienna” among the Croatians, Varazdin is a lovely city located in the North of the country on

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The town of Korčula (Island of Korčula)

Korčula is a small fortified town located on the northeast coast of the island of Korčula. The form of this charming historic

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Blue and Red Lake, Imotski

Imotski is a charming little town, located on the northern side of Biokovo mountain, in Dalmatian inland. It is famous

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Rijeka is the third-largest city in Croatia located on the Kvarner Bay and the country’s major seaport. Although often in

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Opatija is a picturesque town situated in the Gulf of Kvarner, just 13 km from the city of Rijeka. Once

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Located just 25km west of Croatia’s capital Zagreb, Samobor is a cute little town that despite its size attracts many

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